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All costs related to applications are outlined in the table below.



Firearm User’s Licence


Firearm User’s (Employees) Certificate

$5,000 ($500 per additional firearm)

Firearm User’s (Secondary) Licence


Firearm User’s (Restricted) Licence


Appeal Fee


Firearm Dealers Licence


Gunsmith Licence


Provisional/Minor Permit


Late Renewal Fee


Licensed Firearm Holders are required to renew on their birthday each year or up to a month (30 days) before. They are required to have with them the below mentioned documents when they visit the Authority to complete the renewal process:

- Firearm Licence Cards(s)
- Firearm Licence Fee Certificate(s)
- Firearm(s)

The Licensed Firearm Holder is required to bring firearm(s) in for inspection when coming in for renewal. After handing in the firearm(s), the holder is given a Firearm Verification Inspection slip that has the following information:
- Applicants consecutive number


A renewal is classified as late when it has gone past the renewal date required by law. Licensed Firearm Holders are required to renew on their birthday each year or up to a month (30 days) before.

Yes, there is a late renewal fee and it is applied to the licence that is three (3) months late or more, that is three (3) months past the licence holder’s birthday. The fee is JMD$15,000.

The holder will only be required to pay for the period of storage before the late renewal process commences.

If the holder visits the Authority and the firearm has to be taken from the holder for the late renewal process to be completed, this is to be treated as a seizure, hence the holder would not be required to pay for storage.


To complete the recertification process for a firearm licence, you need:

  • Completed application form
  • 1 passport size photos
  • Proof of address (not beyond six (6) months old)
  • Licence Booklet(s) or card(s)
  • Firearm(s) - (shot guns are not required for ballistic testing)


To apply for a provisional permit, you would need the following:

  • Minor Application Form (11 years – 16 years) or FLA Application Form (17 years and over) where applicable
  • 1 passport size photo
  • Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Licence fee receipt
  • Copy of License and current licence fee certificate belonging to primary holder
  • Authorization letter from parent/legal guardian (where applicable) & primary holder of licence
  • Letter from an approved FLA trainer stating that applicant is competent in the safe use and handling of the shotgun for the same gauge being applied for (letter of competence must accompany the application)

Arrangements can be made with either a Registered Firearms Dealer or the Firearm Licensing Authority to properly dispose of a weapon. The licence for the weapon must be current, if not then all outstanding fees must be paid first before the process can be initiated.

Once all the required documents are received by the Authority, the disposal permit is submitted for approval. Once approved, the disposal permit is valued for thirty (30) days to facilitate sale or transfer of the firearm.


You can check on the status of your new licence application by using our Online Application Tracker.


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