December 30, 2019

“The FLA warns against the illegal discharge of licensed firearms during the festive season”






The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) is once again strongly warning licensed firearm holders that there are penalties to be faced if they are caught participating in any form of reckless or irresponsible activities during the festive season. 

The FLA takes the opportunity to remind the public that participation in “Gun Salutes” is an offence under the Firearms Act and consequently, no firearm licence holder should participate in gun salutes on any occasion.

As we continue to promote firearm safety and responsibility, we encourage the public and licensed holders to “Keep it Safe and Be Responsible” throughout this festive season. We are also appealing to all licence holders that a firearm is a deadly weapon and should only be used in the protection of life and property. Further, a licensed firearm holder should never discharge their weapon unless under imminent threat or intends to protect one’s life and property.

Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations of Firearms Act may result in the firearm being seized by the Police, prosecution and immediate revocation of the firearm license in accordance with the law.



Mikhail Hydol, J.P.
Corporate Communications Officer
Firearm Licensing Authority


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