Licensed Firearm Holders are required to renew on their birthday each year or up to a month (30 days) before. They are required to have with them the below mentioned documents when they visit the Authority to complete the renewal process:

  • - Firearm Licence Cards(s)
  • - Firearm License Fee Certificate(s)
  • - Firearm(s)


 Firearm Inspection

The Licenced Firearm Holder is required to bring firearm(s) in for inspection when coming in for renewal. After handing in the firearm(s), the holder is given a Firearm Verification Inspection slip that has the following information:

  • - Applicants consecutive number
  • - Serial number of Firearm(s) inspected and "Firearm Inspected"
  • - NB. if the firearm is not inspected the serial number is not written on the slip and "Firearm Not Inspected" is stated


 Fingerprint Requirements

All Licenced Firearm Holders are required to be fingerprinted with the MORPH ID Machine on the day of renewal.


 Renewal Fee Requirements

Renewal Fee Receipt(s) are to be obtained at the Firearm Licensing Authority. Debit Card, Credit Card and cash transactions are accepted at the FLA. The cost for renewal is $12,000/annum.

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