Online Ammunition Requests Starting January 1, 2024

[Please ensure that your EMAIL address on file at the FLA is Current and Accessible]

Successful applicants will receive an Approval Number (APVR - Used for Range Visits and Practice ONLY, APVS - Used by Trainers for Student Training, APV - for regular additional ammunition requests) , along with an approval certificate to their email address on file within two (2) hours of submission, If you have an issue with the process please send an email to ISTD@FLA.GOV.JM for assistance. (Effective November 1, 2023)

The applicant will present this Approval Number along with the following documents to any FLA-approved range or dealership to purchase additional ammunition based on the type of APV requested.

  • The current Licence Card and Fee Certificate [must be the same firearm stated on the application form]

Upon expiry of the APV Certificate, the applicant MUST indicate the total rounds of ammunition expended and EMAIL the completed certificate to, Failure to declare expended ammunition by submitting the completed Approved Certificate to the Authority will result in no further approvals for APV using this facility.

Request Example: